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Meditech International Inc.

Dr. Fred KahnMeditech International Inc. was founded by Fred Kahn MD, FRCS(C) in 1989. Over the past 20 years, the company has developed the BioFlex Series of Low Intensity Laser Therapy Systems, the most advanced and effective devices available on a global basis. Incorporating basic research, scientific knowledge and clinical expertise, the company has developed protocols for a vast array of medical conditions including soft tissue and sports injuries, arthritis, back problems, wounds and many dermatological problems. Protocols are refined on an ongoing basis at the Meditech Rehabilitation Centres where 800 treatments are administered on a weekly basis. Clinics using BioFlex Laser Therapy Systems are established worldwide and over 2 million treatments have been administered without any significant complication or adverse effects.

The company's objectives include the development, manufacturing and marketing of superior Low Intensity Laser Therapy Systems, in addition to clinical research and education of both the public and therapeutic community.

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